2018 Rules and Regs - General


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HPSCC - Rules & Regulations 2016


1. AIMS:     

The aims of the club are to promote slot car racing as an enjoyable hobby in which everyone can compete on an equal basis and to achieve close racing in a fun atmosphere.


All cars, in all classes must conform to the letter and the spirit of the specifications set out below, and may be subjected to pre or post race scrutineering.


  • Each driver races four heats, using all four lanes. Heat participants randomly selected at the beginning of the night.
  • Duration of heats will vary according to class, as will the manner of scoring. Practice prior to racing is confined to cars for that night’s classes to give all drivers a chance to get on track.
  • Any testing of other cars to be left until the night’s racing has ceased. Practice to begin as soon as the track is open and will finish at approx 8.15pm.
  • Racing to begin as soon as possible after that time.
  • Racers are not obliged to use lane colour indication stickers, but it may aid marshals to identify cars if they de-slot.
  • No substitution of cars is allowed once a heat has started, unless (especially during races that count cumulatively) there is a terminal mechanical failure.
  • Drivers may use different cars (for the relevant class) per heat should they wish.


  • All non-standard classes to use commercially available chassis, running gear, motors etc.
  • No home produced or scratch built chassis will be accepted.
  • Also banned are any chassis which would be eligible for BSCRA style racing.
  • Bodyshells in plastic or similar, (i.e. resin, fibreglass) to scale appearance.
  • No lexan or vacformed bodyshells.
  • Wooden or metal shells may be accepted providing that other competitors are aware of the construction and are willing to accept the consequences of possible collisions with such a bodyshell.
  • Tyres to be rubber, silicone or more likely a compound thereof, or sponge for 1:24th in black, to scale appearance.
  • Cars must have visible interiors with 3D driver figure (except SCALEXTRIC SuperResistant cars which can only be used in class C).
  • Driver figure to have at minimum a partial upper body ie. shoulders, arms etc. In all classes, no individual lane gooping (adding traction fluid) or gooping of tyres is allowed.
  • Tyres may not be treated with any liquid other than a ‘cleaner’ i.e. lighter fluid or similar products prior to racing. Cars being placed on track must have dry to the touch tyres.
  • Unless specified by class rules (mostly in the case of O.T.B. classes), motor orientation is a free choice of anglewinder, sidewinder, in-line.

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