TransAm Championship 2017


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CSCRA TransAm Championship 2017

Round 6

 Once again its that time of year when HPSCC hosts a round of the Classic Slot Car Racing Association's National TransAm Championship. First of all, thank you to everyone that came to race on Sunday. The motorway network isn't particularly helpful at the moment and although we're well linked it's still a long haul to "the 'Pool". Secondly, it was unfortunate that our "landlords" decided to crank the heating up, on what was an unseasonably sunny day. The next time you visit we'll have completed the pine wall cladding and you'll be handed a towel upon your arrival. Any resemblance to a Finnish sauna will be coincidental (well we have a "yump" so I thought I'd extend the Finnish analogy...) All three classes featured VERY close racing which as always was conducted in good humour, especially so this event (must have been the heat) and as usual was extremely sporting.

I'd also like to thank my fellow club members, Ted Martin and Phil Hayes, who despite their respective ailments contributed mightily to the smooth running of the day. It was sad that Ted had to leave so early, but Phil struggled on until he too gave way to the inevitable.

Also cheers to Matt and Dave of Rockingham Slot Car Club for helping out when I couldn't be in two places at once. Finally I'd like to thank our sponsors Copper Braid Products for their support and Pendle Slot Racing for the raffle prize.

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